Citizen Science Interoperability Experiment

The goal of this OGC Interoperability Experiment (IE) is to demonstrate the interoperability within Citizen Science (CS) projects and the way OGC standards can be applied to Citizen Science. This IE specifically addresses the following topics:

·       The use of OGC standards or (e.g. Sensor Web Enablement (SWE)) to support data integration among CS projects, and with other sources, esp. authoritative data (e.g by following SWE4CS);

·       The integration of CS projects/campaigns in Single Sign-On system (SSO) federation;

·       The relationship(s) between OGC standards and data and metadata standards currently used by CS projects.

This IE  is promoted by the OGC Citizen Science Domain Working Group, and the WeObserve[1] and NextGEOSS[2] H2020 projects. This IE contributes not only to the interoperability and possibly standardization program of the OGC, but also to the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS). There is also the newly emerging Citizen Science Global Partnership (CSGP) first call for participation. Regional and national Citizen Science Associations will equally benefit from the results of this OGC IE.