Web Map Service (WMS) RWG

A new WMS RWG was re-constituted at the Edinburg Technical Committee Meetings in June 2006 with the following slate of members:
  • Satish Sankaran (ESRI), Chair
  • Arliss Whiteside (BAE)
  • Sean Forde (LizardTech)
  • Michael Schwieger (Mapsolute)
  • Joan Masó Pau (CREAF)
  • Reinhard Erstling (Interactive Instruments)
  • Markus Lupp (lat- lon )
  • Lacey Sharpe (Intergraph)
  • Mr. Keith Pomakis, CubeWerx
  • Dimitri Monie, Ionic
  • Chuck Morris, Northrop Grumman

The plan of work is defined by several outstanding change requests as well as a member directive to add SLD support back into WMS 1.3. There has also been considerable discussion regarding how to best support tiling within a WMS implementation context. Specific outstanding WMS change requests include:

  1. Adding multi-lingual support.
  2. Providing an informative annex for a SOAP binding.
  3. Provide for the ability to use OGC urn's for referencing Coordinate Reference Systems.
  4. Specifying all key-value-pair (KVP) names
  5. Provide a WFS compliance test suite for 1.3.x.

At this time, the WMS RWG has not determined what the new WMS specification revision number will be.