Domain Working Groups

Domain Working Groups (DWG or WG) provide a forum for discussion of key interoperability requirements and issues, discussion and review of implementation specifications, and presentations on key technology areas relevant to solving geospatial interoperability issues.

Name Lead **
3DIM DWG (3DIM DWG)Carsten Roensdorf, Ordnance Survey
Agriculture DWG (Agriculture DWG)Joshua Lieberman, Harvard University
Architecture DWG (Arch DWG)Carl Reed III, Reed, Carl
Aviation DWG (Aviation DWG)Hubert Lepori, Eurocontrol
Big Data DWG (BigData DWG)Peter Baumann, Jacobs University Bremen GmbH
Catalog DWG (Cat DWG)Uwe Voges, con terra GmbH
Coordinate Reference System DWG (CRS DWG)Keith Ryden, Esri
Coverages DWG (Coverages DWG)Peter Baumann, Jacobs University Bremen GmbH
Data Preservation DWG (PreservDWG)Steve Morris, North Carolina State University
Data Quality DWG (DQ DWG)Matt Beare, Beare, Matthew
Defense and Intelligence DWG (D and I DWG)Lucio Colaiacomo, European Union Satellite Centre
Earth Systems Science DWG (ESS WG)Stefano Nativi, CNR Institute for Atmospheric Pollution Research
Emergency & Disaster Management DWG (EDM DWG)Jacqueline (Jaci) Knudson, US Dept. of Defense/DISA
Energy and Utilities DWG (EnergyUtilities)Renee Bogle Hughes, Hughes, Renee Bogle
Geography Markup Language (GML) DWG (GML DWG)Ron Lake, Galdos Systems Inc.
Geosemantics DWG (Semantics)Joshua Lieberman, Harvard University
Health DWG (Health DWG)Eddie Oldfield, Oldfield, Eddie
Hydrology DWG (Hydrology DWG)Tony Boston, Australian Bureau of Meteorology
Land and Infrastructure DWG (LandInfraDWG)Paul Scarponcini, Bentley Systems, Inc.
Law Enforcement And Public Safety DWG (LEAPS DWG)Mohammed Saleh Al Mansoori, GIS Center for Security
Metadata DWG (Metadata DWG)David Danko, Esri
Meteorology & Oceanography DWG (Met Ocean DWG)Chris Little, UK Met Office
Mobile Location Services DWG (MLSDWG)Giuseppe Conti, Trilogis Srl
Point Cloud DWG (Point Cloud DWG)Stan Tillman, Intergraph Corporation
Security DWG (SecurityDWG)Andreas Matheus, University of the Bundeswehr - ITIS
Sensor Web Enablement DWG (SensorWeb DWG)Mike Botts, Botts Innovative Research
Temporal DWG (Temporal DWG)Chris Little, UK Met Office
University DWG (Univ DWG)Chris Higgins, Open Grid Forum
Urban Planning DWG (Urban Planning )John Herring, Oracle USA
Web Feature Service DWG (WFS DWG)Martin Daly, cadcorp (Computer Aided Development Corp.) Ltd.
Workflow DWG (Workflow DWG)Stan Tillman, Intergraph Corporation
** - There may be Co-Chairs or Vice-Chairs that are not listed in this table