WFS Gazetteer AP Profile RWG

The Web Feature Service Gazetteer Application Profile Revision Working Group (RWG) will formalize the application profile, incorporate outstanding change requests, prepare the document for public comment, and edit the document based on the public comments. The membership of the RWG is:

  • Clemns Portele, Interactive Instruments
  • Rob Atkinson (Social Change/CSIRO)
  • Christian Kiehle (lat-lon)
  • Doug Nebert (USGS/FGDC)
  • David Burggraf (Galdos)
  • Peter Vretanos (CubeWerx)
  • Martin Kyle (Sierra Systems)
  • Jim Knudson (State of PA)
  • Marcellin Prudham (IGN)

The Group was officially formed at the July 2007 Paris TC meetings. Expected completion date is December 31, 2007.