Vretanos, Panagiotis (Peter) A. (CubeWerx)

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The WFS/FES SWG will produce new 2.x versions of these specifications based on change requests posted to the OGC change request page and engineering reports produced during the OWS8 test bed.




The WFS/FES specifications have been used by many public and private organizations including OGC test beds since the last revision of these specifications. As a result, a sufficient number of change requests have been posted to the OGC change request page (  A number of these CR's deal with corrections or modification that need to be made to the specifications resulting from implementation and test bed experience.  There are however several change requests that propose new and important additions to the WFS/FES specifications based on work performed within and outside the test beds.  Most importantly, CR 11-080 proposes the addition of a REST binding to the WFS specification. The newly created SWG will review the CR’s and develop new versions of the WFS and FES specifications for adoption by OGC..


2     Purpose of the Standards Working Group

The purpose of the OWS WFS/FES SWF is to address the CR's that have been posted to the OGC change request page as well as those found in engineering reports produced during the OWS8 test bed.


3     Scope of Work

The following constitutes the scope of work for the SWG. The SWG shall perform the following activities:

  1. Access CR's posted to the OGC change request page and relevant engineering reports developed during the OWS8 test bed and review them in the context of the latest version of the OGC WFS/FES specifications.
  2. Revise the specification based on the source material.
  3. Address any other technical and/or editorial issues related to CR’s already submitted that arise during the review period.

3.1      What is out of scope?

Only those functional requirements and comments already submitted through the formal process as identified in the Policy and Procedures shall be addressed. Items suggested through emails, vocal discussions, etc. will be outside of the scope of this SWG.

Because these documents are ISO standards as well as OGC standards, re-factoring the documents to conform to the OGC modular specification policy is, at this time, out of scope.  It is anticipated that this work will be done during the next major revision cycle for these documents.

The following CR's are also out of scope since they will be handled via a technical note:

Table 1 – List of CR's to be handled via tech. note

CR Title

Doc No.

Spec. No.

Fix the use of the NAMESPACE parameter in the examples and clarify its use



Incorrect element referenced in clause



Inconsistent default value for startIndex parameter



Typos and other minor clarifications



The numberReturned parameter should be able to have the value




3.2      Existing Work as a Starting Point

The starting point for the revised implementation standards shall be documents OGC 09-025r1 and OGC 09-026r1.

3.3      Source material

Table 2 lists the CR's from the OGC change request page that shall be addressed by this SWG.

Table 2 – List of CR's for WFS and FES

CR Title

Doc No.

Spec. No.

Local resolve should not be required for the Simple WFS conformance class.



Abstract test suite seems to imply that a "Simple WFS" must implement remote resolve.



The description of the abstract test suite is not clear in some cases.



Add service id field to service identification section.



Clarify returnFeatureType semantics for the GetFeatureId stored procedure



Consider revising clause to not make "local resolve" mandatory for all conformance classes.



Conformance test A.2.17 is not clear with regard to local resolve.



A REST binding for WFS 2.0



Change title of AnyInteracts temporal operator to TIntersects



Add resolution parameters to GetFeatureRequest to support visualization clients



Clarify the semantics for testing NULL geometries



Define a "where" slot.



Create new feature type capability for WFS




The following engineering reports from the OWS8 test bed shall also be reviewed and acted upon, if necessary, by the SWG:

  • OGC 11-xxx, OWS-8 Aviation Guidance for Retrieving AIXM 5.1 data via an OGC WFS 2.0
  • OGC 11-087, WFS 2.0 Change proposal from OWS-8 –Add CreateSchema and DropFeatureType operations

3.4          How it is to be Determined when the Work of the SWG has been Completed

The WFS/FES SWG shall be dissolved after the following milestones have been achieved:

  1. The SWG has reviewed the relevant source material and revised the WFS and FES standards.
  2. SWG membership approves a recommendation to submit the documents to the TC for consideration as OGC Adopted Standards.
  3. The candidate standards have been approved by the OGC Technical and Planning Committees as OGC Adopted Standards.

4     Description of deliverables

There shall be at least two deliverables:

  1. A revised 2.x version of the WFS specification.
  2. A revised 2.x version of the FES specification.

The preliminary schedule of the SWG is as follows:

  • start date: 1st of November 2011
  • release of the candidate standard for public review: 1st of April 2012
  • consolidation of comments: 1st of July 2012
  • recommendation to the Membership: 1st of Aug 2012

5     IPR Policy for this SWG

The IPR Policy for the WFS/FES SWG will be RAND-Royalty Free.

6     Anticipated Audience

The anticipated audience for the SWG deliverables is any organization that has implemented or is interested in implementing web servers or clients based on the WFS and/or FES specifications.

7     Other informative information about the work of this SWG

7.1      Details of the first meeting

The first meeting of the committee will be held by telephone conference call during the week of 01-NOV-2011.  Call-in information will be provided to the SWG's e-mail list and on the portal calendar in advance of the meeting.

7.2      Projected on-going meeting schedule

The work of the committee will be carried out primarily by email and conference calls, possibly every two weeks, with face-to-face meetings perhaps during each of the OGC TC meetings.

7.3      Supporters of the Proposal

The following people support this proposal and are committed to the Charter and projected meeting schedule.





Panagiotis (Peter) A. Vretanos


CubeWerx Inc.

Jeff Harrison



The Carbon Project

 Terry Idol




7.4      Convener

Panagiotis (Peter) A. Vretanos (CubeWerx Inc.)