Sensor Web Enablement DWG


Botts, Mike (Botts Innovative Research)
Liang, Steve (University of Calgary)

Group Description:


OGC members are specifying interoperability interfaces and metadata encodings that enable real time integration of heterogeneous sensor webs into the information infrastructure. Developers will use these specifications in creating applications, platforms, and products involving Web-connected devices such as flood gauges, air pollution monitors, stress gauges on bridges, mobile heart monitors, Webcams, and robots as well as space and airborne earth imaging devices.

OGC members have developed and tested the following candidate specifications. Others are planned.

  1. Observations & Measurements (O&M) - Standard models and XML Schema for encoding observations and measurements from a sensor, both archived and real-time.
  2. Sensor Model Language (SensorML) - Standard models and XML Schema for describing sensors systems and processes associated with sensor observations; provides information needed for discovery of sensors, location of sensor observations, processing of low-level sensor observations, and listing of taskable properties, as well as supports on-demand processing of sensor observations.
  3. Transducer Model Language (TransducerML or TML) - The conceptual model and XML Schema for describing transducers and supporting real-time streaming of data to and from sensor systems.
  4. Sensor Observations Service (SOS) - Standard web service interface for requesting, filtering, and retrieving observations and sensor system information. This is the intermediary between a client and an observation repository or near real-time sensor channel.
  5. Sensor Planning Service (SPS) - Standard web service interface for requesting user-driven acquisitions and observations. This is the intermediary between a client and a sensor collection management environment.
  6. Sensor Alert Service (SAS) - Standard web service interface for publishing and subscribing to alerts from sensors.
  7. Web Notification Services (WNS) - Standard web service interface for asynchronous delivery of messages or alerts from SAS and SPS web services and other elements of service workflows.

Please visit our OpenGIS® Specification page to view and comment on publicly available OGC Sensor Web Enablement Specifications. OGC invites organizations to join OGC and participate in OGC Sensor Web initiatives and other initiatives related to interoperable geoprocessing.

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