1.    Open GeoSMS SWG
OGC Open GeoSMS 1.0 Standard Working Group
2.    Purpose of this Standards Working Group
The purpose of this Standard Working Group is to use the OGC RFC process to move the
                                OGC 09-142r4 OGC Candidate Open GeoSMS Standard
as an OGC adopted standard.
The candidate standard is currently an OGC "Discussion Paper".
The scope of the candidate standard is to define the exchangeable SMS format to exchange GPS information for different LBS devices or applications.
The SWG will ensure that the standard is consistent with the OGC baseline and business plan.
3.    Scope of Work
This SWG is established to move OGC 09-142r4 OGC Open GeoSMS Specification (being already an OGC "discussion paper" document) to OGC adopted standard status.
The scope of the work of this SWG is:

  • Gathering comments from SWG members;
  • Applying SWG agreed comments to the candidate standard;
  • Submit the updated candidate standard to the OAB and request that the document be released for a 30 day public comment period;
  • Gathering comments from OGC members;
  • Review all comments and for approved comments, update and edit the candidate standard document;
  • Submit final candidate standard document to OGC TC for approval as an OGC adopted standard.

SWG working plan and timeline as follow:

  • SWG kickoff: 01/05/2010
  • Review of the document and preparation of updated version V0.3.1 (draft for SWG internal review          delivered 2 weeks before): 14/05/2010
  • SWG voting for submission to 30 days public comment period: by 30/05/2010
  • Public Comments Period: from 21/06/2010 to 20/07/2010
  • Processing of the gathered comments and preparation of updated version V0.4.1 (draft for SWG internal review delivered 2 weeks before): 13/08/2010
  • Voting for formal submission to OGC TC: by 20/08/2010
  • In case of successful voting, the final candidate standard will be sent to OGC TC by 27/08/2010

3.1       What is out of scope?
The only change requests and comments on the candidate standard that will be considered are:
1.       Those submitted by the SWG members
2.       Those provided by OGC Members and the public during  the 30 day public comment period
3.2       Specific Contribution of Existing Work as a Starting Point
The candidate standard originates from the previous OGC "Discussion Paper" document:
OGC 09-082r4 OGC Open GeoSMS Specification
3.3       How it is to be Determined when the Work of the SWG has been Completed?
The OGC Open GeoSMS Specification SWG will dissolve after the following three milestones have been achieved:

  • The SWG has completed evaluation and incorporation into the candidate standard of all comments received during the public comment period.
  • Approval by the SWG membership of a recommendation to submit the document to the TC for consideration as an OGC Adopted Standard.
  • The candidate standard has been approved by the OGC Technical and Planning Committees as an Adopted OGC standard.

4.    Description of deliverables
The following is the list of deliverables of this SWG:

  • Open GeoSMS Specification V0.3.1, taking into account the first set of comments raised by the SWG itself and ready for being submitted to the 30 days public comment period: 21/05/2010
  • Final document to be submitted to OGC as V1.0

The Open GeoSMS Specification includes:

  • The document itself, in Microsoft Word 2003 ,2007 and PDF formats;

5.    IPR Policy for this SWG
RAND-Royalty Free. 
6.    Anticipated Participants
The expected audience and participants to this SWG are those involved in the design, development, implementation, or use of exchange SMS of GPS data.              
This is not meant as a limiting statement but instead is intended to provide guidance to interested potential participants as to whether they wish to participate in this SWG.
7.    Other informative information about the work of this SWG
a.Similar or applicable standards work (OGC and elsewhere).:      OGC 09-142r4 OGC Open GeoSMS Specification
     OGC 09-082r2 Sensor Web Enablement Application for Debris Flow Monitoring System in Taiwan
b. Details of the first meeting
The first meeting of the SWG will be held by telephone conference call at UTC 02:00PM on 02 Mar. 2010. Call-in information will be provided to the SWG\'s e-mail list and on the portal calendar in advance of the meeting.c. Projected on-going meeting schedule
The work of the SWG will be carried out primarily by email and conference calls, possibly every two weeks, with face-to-face meetings perhaps at each of the OGC TC meetings.   d. Supporters of the Proposal The following people support this proposal and are committed to the Charter and projected meeting schedule. These members are known as SWG Founding or Charter members. Once the SWG is officially activated, this group is immediately "opted-into" the SWG and have voting rights from the first day the SWG is officially formed. Extend the table as necessary.



Kuo-Yu Chuang

Industrial Technology Research Institut

Mike Botts

University of Alabama in Huntsville

Nobuhiro Ishimaru

Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.

Lan-Kun Chung

GIS Center, Feng Chia University

Roland Wagner

Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin

  e. Convener(s) Kuo-Yu slayer Chuang(ITRI)
Acknowledgements. Thanks to OASIS for providing a template as the basis for defining the OGC SWG template.