OGC Architecture Board - OAB


Percivall, George (Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.)

Group Description:

The OAB is a forum to discuss the OGC-wide standards architecture.  The OAB considers architecture consistency and life cycle management of the OGC standards baseline. The OAB evaluates current technology issues and identify gaps in the architecture that need to be responded to by the Membership.   The OAB provides guidance and recommendations to the TC and the PC.

 OAB Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Standards Development  
    • OGC Standards Roadmap
    • RFC Reviews
    • Standards Life Cycle Management 
  • Baseline Harmonization and Innovation
    • OAB Review of ORM Development
    • ORM used by OAB as guidance
    • Work Item consistency
    • Technology Trends   
  • Additional Responsibilities 
    • External Liaisons recommendations
    • Interoperability Experiments approval
    • Conflict Resolution and Appeals

 OAB  Membership

Elected OAB member: term completion year

  • Andreas Matheus, U. of Bundeswehr (ITIS): 2017
  • Paul Scarponcini, Bentley: 2017
  • Carl Reed, 2017 
  • Peter Baumann, Jacobs University: 2017
  • Keith Ryden, Esri: 2017
  • Josh Lieberman, Harvard: 2018
  • Frederic Houbie, Luciad: 2018
  • Joan Maso,  Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2018
  • Chris Little, UK Met Office: 2018
  • John Herring, Oracle: 2018
  • Arnulf Christl, metaspatial: 2019
  • Tom Ingold, Boundless: 2019
  • Frank Terpstra, Geonovum: 2019
  • Chuck Heazel, WiSC Enterprises; 2019
  • Jeff Yutzler, Image Matters: 2019

Appointed members of the OAB:

  • George Percivall, OGC CTO and Chief Engineer - OAB Chair
  • Scott Simmons, OGC Executive Director, OGC Standards Program.

Emeritus Members who have requested OAB observer status:

  • Lorenzo Bigagli (CNR)
  • Giuseppe Conti (Trilogis Srl)
  • Simon Cox (CSIRO)
  • Jean Brodeur (NR Canada)
  • Ron Lake (Galdos)
  • Charles Roswell (Individual)
  • Peter Vretanos (CubeWerx)
  • Martin Daly (CadCorp)
  • Rick Pearsall (Retired)
  • Nicholas Lesage (IGN)
  • Mike Botts (Botts Innovative Resarch)
  • Satish Sankaran (ESRI)
  • (Doug Nebert was an OAB member at the time of his death)

OAB Policies and Procedures  - updated 2016-12-15


OAB meeting in Southampton UK, September 2017  (Not all OAB members present)