OGC Architecture Board - OAB

The mission of the OAB is to provide a forum within which Consortium wide standards architecture issues can be discussed and deliberated with the intent of providing guidance and recommendations to the TC and the PC on these issues.

Specifically, the OGC Architecture Board works with the TC and the PC to insure architecture consistency of the Baseline and provide guidance to the OGC membership to insure strong life cycle management of the OGC standards baseline. In order to properly provide such guidance and perform the Governance functions as outlined below, the OAB can, at its discretion, evaluate current technology issues and identify gaps in the architecture that need to be responded to by the Membership.

The elected membership of the OAB and their term completion dates are:

  • Andreas Matheus, U. of Bundeswehr (ITIS): 2014
  • Arnulf Christl, metaspatial: 2016
  • Simon Cox, CSIRO: 2015
  • Chris Little, UK Met Office: 2015
  • Frederic Houbie, Geomatys: 2016
  • John Herring, Oracle: 2015
  • Josh Lieberman, Harvard: 2016
  • Mike Botts, Botts Innovative Research: 2014
  • Jean Brodeur (NR Canada): 2016
  • Paul Scarponcini, Bentley: 2014
  • Satish Sankaran, ESRI: 2014

The OGC Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is a member of the OAB and acts as Chair.  The CTO appoints one additonal OGC Staff as a voting member of the OAB.  George Percivall is the current OGC CTO and OAB Chair.  Scott Simmons is the additonal OGC staff on the OAB.

OAB Emeritus Members who have requested observer status:

  • Ron Lake (Galdos)
  • Charles Roswell, Individual
  • Peter Vretanos (CubeWerx)
  • Martin Daly (CadCorp)
  • Rick Pearsall (Retired)
  • Nicholas Lesage (IGN)

The OAB Policies and Procedures can be downloaded from the OGC website.