Davis, Ethan (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR))
Nativi, Stefano (CNR Institute for Atmospheric Pollution Research)

Group Charter:

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Group Description:

The netCDF SWG works to develop extensions of the existing OGC netCDF suite of standards for additional data models, encodings, and conventions.

Current work is focused on
  • Earth Observation specific conventions in netCDF
    • 17-067 - OGC netCDF Earth Observation (EO) Metadata Conventions
  • NetCDF Classic Linked Data encoding standard: netCDF-Classic-LD
Existing Standards
  • 10-090r3 - OGC Network Common Data Form (NetCDF) Core Encoding Standard (1.0)
  • 14-100r2 - CF-netCDF 3.0 encoding using GML Coverage Application Schema (2.0)
  • 10-092r3 - NetCDF Binary Encoding Extension Standard: NetCDF Classic and 64-bit Offset Format (1.0)
  • 11-165r2 - CF-netCDF3 Data Model Extension standard (3.1)
  • 11-038r2 - OGC NetCDF Enhanced Data Model Extension Standard (1.0)
  • 11-163 - NetCDF Uncertainty Conventions Discussion Paper
  • 10-091r3 - CF-netCDF Core and Extensions Primer 
Possible future work:
  • NetCDF-Uncertainty conventions
  • CF-netCDF 3.0 encoding using GML 3.2.1 Application Schema -Coverages
  • NetCDF Markup Language (NcML) encoding specification
  • NcML-GML encoding specification
  • Extension to OWS Common for CF-netCDF data exchange
  • Extension to WCS 2.0 core DescribeCoverage  for CF-netCDF data description
  • Discovery metadata encoding in netCDF