GeoServices REST SWG

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This Standards Working Group (SWG) is focused on processing the OGC GeoServices REST 1.0 candidate standard.

This OGC GeoServices REST Candidate Standard Version 1.0 standard is derived from the “Esri GeoServices REST Specification Version 1.0” which was developed to provide interoperability between ArcGIS Server and the broader information technology community. The candidate standard is designed to be implemented without the use of Esri products. The OGC version differs from the Esri version in that it is presented in a vendor neutral fashion appropriate for an OGC standard. The specification currently provides a JSON encoding, but does not limit alternate JSON representations (such as GeoJSON).

The scope of work includes addressing the OAB comments and adjudicating the comments received during the public review, additional edits to the candidate standard based on the comments, and removal of “esri” references and prefixes. The final deliverable of the OGC GeoServices REST SWG is a version of the candidate standard that follows the OGC Modular Specification policy.

A public review of a draft of the candidate standard was started in July 2012. The SWG has processed the comments and the resolution of the comments is documented in OGC 12-164.

Based on the comment resolution a revised draft of the candidate standard has been prepared and submitted to the OGC Technical Committee. During the ongoing adoption vote in the OGC Technical Committee several comments have been received. The response to these comments are documented in OGC 13-031r1.

Information about the process can be found in the OGC Technical Committee Policies and Procedures.