Geographic Linkage Service 1.0 SWG

1. Geographic Linkage Service 1.0 SWG

The name of the group is the Geographic Linkage Service 1.0 SWG.

2. Purpose of this Standards Working Group

The purpose of this Standards Working Group is to progress the "Geographic Linkage Service" (OGC Document 08-0006r1) to the state of an adopted OGC standard. The SWG will achieve this objective by processing the comments submitted during the upcoming public comment period and ensuring that the candidate standard is consistent with OWS Common.

3. Scope of Work

This SWG is focused on processing comments from the 30 Day public comment period. The Scope of Work will be to solicit, post, and process comments from the 30-day public comment period as well as to address all outstanding Change Requests which remain as a result of the GLS Interoperability Experiment. The SWG will evaluate each of these proposals, and edit the standard based on these decisions.

Additional Change Requests submitted after the public comment period may be addressed at the discretion of the SWG based on criticality of the change and available time and resources.

3.1 What is out of scope?

Only those change requests and comments submitted through the formal process as identified in the Policy and Procedures will be addressed. Any items suggested through emails, vocal discussions, etc will be outside of the scope of this SWG until formally submitted.

3.2 What existing work will be used as a starting point?

The starting point for the work will be Version 0.11.0 of the "Geographic Linkage Service" (OGC Document 08-006r1).

3.3 How it is to be Determined when the Work of the SWG has been Completed?

The GLS SWG will dissolve after the following three milestones have been achieved:

  • The SWG has completed evaluation and incorporation into the candidate standard of all comments received during the public comment period.
  • Approval by the SWG membership of a recommendation to submit the document to the TC for consideration as an OGC Adopted Standard.
  • The candidate standard has been approved by the OGC Technical and Planning Committees as an Adopted OGC standard.

4. Description of deliverables

The following deliverables will result from the work of this SWG:

1) A final version of the Geographic Linkage Service Version 1.0 Standards documents for submission to the TC.

2) Corresponding XML schemas associated with Geographic Linkage Service Version 1.0 Standards documents.

The following schedule of activities is anticipated:

  • Begin the organization and assignment of SWG work activities during a kickoff teleconference to be held Tuesday, September 9, 2008 from 15:00UTC to 16:00UTC
  • Post GLS version 0.11.0 document and schema for a 30-day comment period in October 2008
  • Resolve comments prior to March 2009
  • Post candidate standard with schema for vote in May 2009

The above schedule is meant to serve as a guideline to the SWG in order to determine completion milestones. However, based on the number and complexity of the actual Change Requests, completion dates may be adjusted to accommodate critical updates to the documents. Although all change requests will be addressed, some may be postponed due to the need to more quickly produce a document containing higher priority requests.

5. IPR Policy for this SWG

RAND-Royalty Free

6. Anticipated Participants

The target audiences of the Geographic Linkage Service version 1.0 include:

  • implementers of GLS interfaces
  • publishers of geographic attribute data via GLS
  • publishers of geographic linkage services via GLS
  • users of GLS services

7. Other informative information about the work of this SWG

a. Similar or applicable standards work (OGC and elsewhere).

The proposed standard is designed to be used in conjunction with WMS and/or WFS, although it can operate independent of all other OGC specifications.

b. Details of the first meeting

The first meeting of this SWG will be by teleconference to be held Tuesday, September 9, 2008 from 15:00 to 16:00UTC

Conference Dial-In Number:  1 641 715 3715
Conference PIN:  665541

International Dial-in phone numbers are available at:


  - Elect a Chair, vice Chair, and specification editor
  - Decide if any updates should be made to the specification before the RFC
  - Review schedule and approve SWG charter (mandate, target dates, meeting schedule)

c. Projected on-going meeting schedule

The work of this SWG will be carried out primarily by email and conference calls, with the potential for face-to-face meetings at the OGC TC meetings, as defined by the chair. The teleconference calls will be scheduled as-needed and posted to the OGC portal.

d. Supporters of the Proposal

The following people support this proposal and are committed to the Charter and projected meeting schedule.



Peter Schut

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Xiaoyuan Geng

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Raj Singh


Andy Turner

University of Leeds

Francisco J. López-Pellicer

University of Zaragoza

Brian Low

Canadian Forestry Service

Chris West

Canadian Forestry Service

Chris Higgins

University of Edinburgh


e. Convener(s)

Peter Schut (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada).