GeoRM 1.0 SWG

GeoRM 1.0 SWG


Purpose of the Standards Working Group

The purpose of the GeoRM SWG is to create an OGC Standard for the rights enablement of OGC Web Services. It will deliver an OGC "GeoRM Common" Standard that extends the OGC Web Services Common Specification.

The overall mission of the GeoRM SWG is to define the GeoRM Common Standard for the implementation of common aspects GeoDRM Reference Model. A draft GeoRM Common Standard will be written and submitted for external public comment. The expected output of the GeoRM SWG will be the candidate GeoRM Common Standard, as required a set of Change Request Proposals for the GeoDRM Reference Model, OGC Web Services Common Specification, and any other OGC standard as required.

Scope of Work


The scope of work for the GeoRM SWG is to produce the candidate GeoRM Common Specification for consideration by the OGC membership.

Activities to be performed by the GeoRM SWG will include:

  • Analysis of the GeoDRM Reference Model to understand which elements will be described in the GeoRM Common Specification

  • Review of existing applications that have implemented aspects of the GeoDRM Reference Model. This will include the work done as part of the OWS Testbed activities and external projects including Project ORCHESTRA.

  • Understanding the OWS Common Specification and determining which additional elements are needed to enable the common aspects.

  • Liaison and collaboration with the Security WG, Architecture WG, OGC Architecture Board and OWS Common WG, Pricing and Ordering WG as appropriate to discuss the proposed content for the GeoRM Common Standard.

  • The relationship between GeoRM Common Standard and Metadata and Catalogue should be analysed and understood.

  • Drafting of the GeoRM Common Standard to define how to implement those common aspects. This will require the use of existing standards based technologies and will define the interfaces to make use of those existing standards.

  • Preparing the Draft GeoRM Common Standard for external review.

  • Writing Change Request Proposals as appropriate for existing OGC Standards including the GeoDRM Reference Model, OWS Common Specification.

  • Collating, reviewing and processing the comments received as a result of the external review.

  • Updating the draft GeoRM Common Standard and preparing the candidate GeoRM Standard for consideration by the OGC membership.

What is out of scope?

The following areas of concern are out of scope for the GeoRM SWG:

  • Digital Encryption of licences or content

  • Licence Encoding Specifications

  • Identity Management Specifications

  • Update of the GeoDRM Reference Model, OWS Common Specification

  • Discussion of aspects within the scope of OSWS common, for example SOAP/WSDL

Specific Contribution of Existing Work as a Starting Point


  • Geospatial Digital Rights Management Reference Model (GeoDRM RM) (06-004r3)
  • OpenGIS® web services architecture description
  • OSW3/OWS4 Reports


How it is to be Determined when the Work of the SWG has been Completed

The GeoRM SWG will have completed its work when the candidate GeoRM Common standard is posted to pending documents for an adoption vote and IPR review by the OGC membership.

Description of deliverables

The key deliverable of the GeoRM SWG will be the candidate GeoRM Common Specification for consideration by the OGC membership.

A preliminary schedule for the GeoRM SWG is as below:

  • December 2007: Formation of the GeoRM SWG

  • March 2008: First Draft of GeoRM Common Specification

  • June 2008: External Review of Draft GeoRM Common Specification

  • September 2008: Candidate GeoRM Common Specification for consideration by OGC Membership

  • December 2008: GeoRM Common Specification Approved


IPR Policy for this SWG

X RAND-Royalty Free.

Anticipated Audience

    The GeoRM Common standard will be used by software developers to design and implement "Rights Managed OGC Web Services". In combination with anticipated GeoRM Standards it will enable content owners to manage and protect their IPR using electronic licences.

Other informative information about the work of this SWG

a. Similar or applicable standards work (OGC and elsewhere).

The following standards and projects may be relevant to the GeoRM SWG's planned work, although none currently provide the functionality anticipated by this committee's deliverables:

GeoDRM Reference Model, #06-004r4

OGC 05-008, OGC Web Services Common Specification

ISO/IEC TR 21000-1, Information Technology - Multimedia Framework - Information technology - Multimedia framework (MPEG-21) - Part 1: Vision, Technologies and Strategy; freely available at

OWS-4 GeoDRM IPR Trusted Geo Services, #06-107

OWS-4 GeoDRM IPR: Common Change Proposal - GeoDRM enablement, #06-177

OWS3: Access Control & Terms of Use (ToU) "Click-through" IPR Management, #05-111r2

Draft for GeoREL, # 06-173r2

GeoXACML Implementation Specification, # 07-026r1

The SWG intends to seek and if possible maintain liaison with each of the organizations maintaining the above works.

b. Details of the first meeting

The first meeting of the committee will be held during the OGC TC Meetings in Stresa, Italy on Tuesday 11 December 10.00-12.00.

c. Projected on-going meeting schedule

The work of the committee will be carried out primarily by email and conference calls, possibly every two weeks, with face-to-face meetings perhaps at each of the OGC TC meetings.

d. Supporters of the Proposal

The following people support this proposal and are committed to the Charter and projected meeting schedule.

Ordnance Survey - Graham Vowles

Oracle - John Herring

University of Münster - Rüdiger Gartmann

University of Münster - Roland M. Wagner

Sierra Systems - Martin Kyle

Boeing Space & Intelligence Systems - Joe Cardinale

con terra GmbH - Christian Elfers

e. Convener

Ordnance Survey - Graham Vowles

Oracle - John Herring

University of Münster - Rüdiger Gartmann