GeoAPI 3.0 SWG


Desruisseaux, Martin (GEOMATYS)

Group Description:

1. Purpose

The GeoAPI Standard Working Group (SWG) aims to create the GeoAPI 3.0 Standard which will define a set of Java language interfaces along with an associated test suite, to provide a standardized, programming language level realization of some core OGC specifications. These interfaces will facilitate the creation of accurate, coherent, interoperable, and verifiable implementations of those OGC standards.

2. Scope of Work

The GeoAPI SWG Standard will propose the candidate GeoAPI 3.0 Standard, along with the Java language interfaces described by the standard, and an associated test suite which can be run against any implementation of the interfaces.

The candidate GeoAPI 3.0 standard will explain the work, document the interfaces and explain the rationale for all the deviations from the OGC Standards.

The Java interfaces described in the GeoAPI 3.0 standard will cover the following OGC standards:
• (Dependency) ISO 19103: Conceptual schema language
• OGC Abs. Topic 11 Metadata (ISO 19115: Metadata)
• OGC Abs. Topic 2 Spatial Referencing by Coordinates (ISO 19111: Spatial Referencing by Coordinates)

2.1 What is out of scope?

This work is not expected to cover all OGC standards.
A reference implementation of the interfaces will exist but will not be part of the work of this SWG.

2.2 Specific Contribution of Existing Work as a Starting Point

Existing work by the GeoAPI project (, will be taken as a starting point. Specifically, the Standard will only include the most stable interfaces of the GeoAPI project, for which a reliable reference implementation exists and there is at least one other implementation.

This work emerges from the earlier OGC standard OpenGIS Geographic Objects Implementation Specification version 1.0.0 (03-064r10) by re-using the non graphical elements of that earlier work. This earlier specification defined GeoAPI 2.0.

2.3 How it is to be Determined when the Work of the SWG has been Completed

The work of the SWG will be completed when the candidate specification has been proposed to the working group, all comments to that specification have been addressed, and a final revision has been accepted by the SWG and approved by the OGC technical committee.

3. Description of the Deliverables

The GeoAPI 3.0 SWG will produce a standards document, a set of Java language interfaces and a test suite through which groups implementing the Java interfaces can test their implementation.

4. License Policy of the SWG

Since the work merely re-interprets other OGC specifications, it is not anticipated that the work of the SWG would include any work which could be subject to trademark or patents.

The Java language interfaces and test suite will be distributed with OGC copyright under one of the following license, to be determined by the working group:
• the current license documented at
• the well known license, the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) which is described at ( The license permits the use of the code by anyone for any purpose but imposes only a minor restriction to those who wish to re-distribute the code itself.

5. Anticipated Audience

The code interfaces produced by this working group should be useful to any group implementing OGC standards using the Java language, or any users of those implementations.

It is expected that the deliberations of this working group will be followed mostly by those who aim to create the above implementations.

6. Other informative information about the work of this RWG

6.1 Similar or applicable standards work

This work overlaps the work of the Architecture working group to the extent that this effort aims to develop a coherent definition of all OGC standards. Any issues in harmonization which arrives in the course of this working group's discussions will be brought to the attention of the Architecture group for resolution.

The GeoAPI interfaces also aims to work harmoniously with the standard Java library. Where necessary for smooth integration with the Java language, the GeoAPI interfaces favor the Java models.

6.2 Details of the first meeting

The SWG has not yet met. There have been a series of meetings by the GeoAPI ad-hoc working group which have prepared the work for this SWG.

6.3 Projected on-going meeting schedule

We expect two meetings per year.

6.4 Supporters of the Proposal

The following contributors (listed in alphabetical order) are interested by this proposal:

  • Rob Atkinson (CSRIO, Australia)
  • Adrian Custer (Geomatys, France)
  • Martin Desruisseaux (Geomatys, France)
  • Jérôme Gaspéri (CNES, France)
  • Gilles Gesquiere (LSIS, France)
  • Max Martinez (ERDAS)
  • Emmanuel Seguin (IGN, France)


7. Future Work

The SWG is expected to continue meetings for expanding this work on the initial standard to develop future revisions of the standard. A first set of expansions will lead to Java language realizations of all the core OGC specifications such as OGC Abstract Topic 6 - Schema for coverage geometry and functions, OGC Abstract Topic 1: Feature geometry, and OGC Abstract Topic 5: Features. Subsequent revisions may expand this work to the OGC Web Services specifications or to other programming languages.