1.    ebRIM Application Profile of CS-W 2.0 SWG2.    Purpose of this Standards Working GroupThe CS-W ebRIM AP 2.0 SWG will update the existing CS-W ebRIM AP 1.0 based on the Change Requests that have been posted during the last two years. These Change Requests have been submitted mainly by organizations that have implemented or used tVersion 1.0. 3.    Scope of WorkThe SWG will analyze the outstanding CRs, evaluate them in terms of relevance, decide on their disposition (accept, accept with revision, reject) and the edit the document based on the accepted CRs. The SWG will also provide for a 30 day public comment period to gather additional comments and change Requests.3.1    What is out of scope?Only those change requests and comments submitted through the formal process as identified in the Policy and Procedures will be addressed.  Any items suggested through emails, vocal discussions, etc will be outside of the scope of this SWG until formally submitted as a formal CR.3.2    Specific Contribution of Existing Work as a Starting PointThe starting point of this extension package is the "ebRIM Application Profile of CS-W 1.0" (OGC doc 07-110r4). 3.3    How it is to be Determined when the Work of the SWG has been Completed?The CS-W ebRIM AP 2.0 SWG will dissolve after the following three milestones have been achieved:1.    The SWG has completed evaluation and incorporation into the candidate standard all change requests and comments received during the public comment period.2.    SWG membership approves a recommendation to submit the document to the TC for consideration as an OGC Adopted Standard.3.    The candidate standard has been approved by the OGC Technical and Planning Committees as an Adopted OGC standard.4.    Description of deliverablesThe final deliverable of the CS-W ebRIM AP 2.0 SWG shall be a candidate standard for consideration by the membership for adoption.July 1 2010: Release candidate standard for public reviewAugust 1 2010: Consolidate public commentsOctober 1 2010: Specification modified based on public commentsDecember 1 2010: Recommendation to membership 5.    IPR Policy for this SWGIntellectual Property Rights for use of CS-W ebRIM AP 2.0 are specified as Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory - Royalty Free.6.    Anticipated ParticipantsThe target audiences of the CS-W ebRIM AP 2.0  include:

  • implementers of CS-W ebRIM AP 1.0 interfaces
  • HMA Community
  • Heterogeneous Cataloguing Community

7.    Other informative information about the work of this SWGa. Similar or applicable standards work (OGC and elsewhere). The proposed standard is tightly linked to GML, OASIS ebRIM, ebRIM profile of CS-W, CS-W, ISO 19115/19139, EO, HMAb. Will this be a persistent SWG?Noc. Details of the first meetingAn adhoc meeting will be held during the OGC TC in Frascati, Tuesday 9th March 2009 at 8:45. We will the schedule the other teleconferences.d. Projected on-going meeting scheduleThe work of the SWG will be carried out primarily by email and conference calls, with face-to-face meetings perhaps at each of the OGC TC meetings. The teleconference calls will be scheduled as-needed and posted to the OGC portal.e. Supporters of the ProposalThe following people support this proposal and are committed to the Charter and projected meeting schedule. These members are known as SWG Founding or Charter members. Once the SWG is officially activated, this group is immediately "opted-into" the SWG and have voting rights from the first day the SWG is officially formed. Extend the table as necessary.Name    Organization
Frederic Houbie, ERDAS
Marie Lise Vautier, IGN
David Burggraf, Galdos
Peter Vretanos, CubeWerx
Jerome Gasperi, CNES
Glenn Guempel, NGA
 f. Convener(s)Frédéric Houbie (ERDAS)