Cat ebRim AP RWG

Formation of the Catalogue ebRim Application Profile version 0 RWG was approved at the Edinburgh Technical Committee Meetings in June 2006 with the following slate:
  • Peter Vretanos (CubeWerx)
  • Richard Martell (Galdos) - Chair
  • Jason Cupp (ESRI)
  • Renato Primavera (LGGI) - Co-Chair
  • Bruce Wescott (INGR)
  • Ryan Fraser (CSIRO)
Since the initial slate, the below members have been added:
  • Marie-Lise Vautier (IGN)
  • Jolyon Martin (ESA)
  • Oliver Newell (MIT Lincoln Labs)
The RWG's next order of business is to set times for teleconferences to begin discussion of comments received during the public comment period.