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GeoPackage guidance

  • Posted on: 9 May 2017
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OGC Architecture Board (OAB)

In a recent OGC Architecture Board (OAB) meeting, the GeoPackage 1.2 candidate standard was reviewed and the OAB reached a consensus that the candidate base standard is ready to be released to proceed to an approval vote in the OGC, but that the Elevation Extension does not yet meet the criteria. This is not a repudiation of the work done to date. Rather, the OAB recognizes that elevation content is of general interest to OGC and ISO standards and thus the work should be as broadly applicable as possible. 

Recent Compliant Products

  • Product: SelfMap Server 2.0
    Organization: OPENmate
    Standards: WMS 1.3.0
  • Product: XtraServer 4.11
    Organization: interactive instruments GmbH
    Standards: WFS (Basic) 1.1.0, WFS (Basic) 2.0, WMS 1.3.0, GML (F&FC) 3.2.1

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