Scott Simmons


Title Presented at
 2017 Delft Upcoming Meeting presentation2017 Delft TC Meeting
 2017 Southampton Closing Plenary Public slides2017 Southampton TC Meeting
 2017 St Johns Closing Plenary public slides2017 St Johns TC Meeting
 2017 St Johns upcoming meeting presentation2017 St Johns TC Meeting
 20170712 IRLOGI OGC PresentationIRLOGI July 2017
 A Vision for an Exchangeable UxS Mission Plan
 A vision for UAV Mission Plans
 IoT and Big Data in Geospatial Oil and Gas2017 Big Data, IoT, & Machine Learning in Oil & Gas Europe
 OGC presentation for Imagery Catalog sprint2017 Imagery Catalog API Sprint
 Vision for Exchangeable UxS Mission Plan2017 ESIP Summer Meeting