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As Executive Director of the OGC Interoperability Program, Dr. Alameh leads a one-of-a-kind global, innovative, hands-on agile prototyping and testing program designed to unite users and industry in accelerating interface development and validation, and the delivery of interoperability in the market.

Dr. Alameh is an accomplished leader in the field of geospatial interoperability with a proven track record in architecting and implementing geospatial technologies, standards and web services. Dr. Alameh’s journey with the OGC is a long and diverse one: from being one of the first WMS implementers (1999), to consulting for OGC as a member of the OGC Interoperability Program Pool (2001-2008), to representing clients and sponsors in the OGC process (2004-2008), to managing and planning initiatives as Director of Interoperability Programs (2009-2012).

Prior to joining the OGC, Dr. Alameh co-founded a small business dedicated to developing, promoting and incorporating geospatial interoperability within her clients’ enterprise architectures. In that capacity, she served as a Senior Technical Advisor to NASA’s Applied Sciences Geospatial Interoperability Office, acting as the NASA representative to OGC and other standards organizations. During her career, Dr. Alameh has advised organizations on the value of international geospatial standards in a variety of domains including Aviation, Earth Observations, Defense & Intelligence, Disaster Management and Response, amongst many others.

Dr. Alameh holds 2 MS degrees and a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the field of Information Systems Engineering, and has a BS in Computer and CommunicationEngineering from the American University of Beirut (AUB).

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