George Percivall


Title Presented at
 20160523 FAA Meeting - Jeri Groce
 Big Data for Local ContextLocation & Context 2015
 Big Geo Data: Open Source and Open StandardsApache Big Data, Vancouver, May 2016
 GEO Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP)Joint OGC-GEOSS Session at OGC TC Tokyo 2014
 GEO Vision and ArchitectureJoint OGC-GEOSS Session at OGC TC Tokyo 2014
 Geospatial Interoperability in Urban Resilience National Academies Mapping Science Committee April 2015
 IndoorGML for Smart Cities SummitLocation Powers Smart Cities Summitt
 JTC 1/SG 1 Smart Cities to ANSI ANSI Cities Network Webinar
 OGC notes about Model InteroperabilityESIP Winter 2016 meeting
 OGC Percivall for NZ Geo ResearchNew Zealand Geospatial Research Conference 2015
 OGC perspective on CyberGIS for Collaborative Problem SolvingAAG Conference 2015 Chicago
 OGC Testbeds to ESIP testbed sessionESIP Winter 2016 meeting
 Open Access for NOAA Big Data Project AMS Annual Conference 2016
 Smart City Standards ArchitectureLocation Powers Smart Cities Summitt
 Urban information framework