OGC Staff

The OGC is a virtual organisation. To ensure the best support for our global membership, our staff live and work in many different locations throughout the world. The contact details for key program staff can be found below.

Bonn, Germany
Services Director Europe, Central Asia & Africa
Kontich, Belgium
Director, Innovation Program
Winchester, United Kingdom
Executive Director, Communications & Outreach
Maryland, USA
CTO, Chief Engineer
Indiana, USA
Director, Communications & Logistics
Kriftel, Germany
Director, Innovation Program & Science
Massachusetts, USA
Vice President, Operations and Finance
Maryland, USA
Director, Innovation Program
Maryland, USA
Executive Director Compliance & E-Learning
Maryland, USA
President & CEO
Maryland, USA
Director, Innovation Program
Colorado, USA
Executive Director OGC Standards Program
London, UK
Communication Coordinator
Maryland, USA
Executive Director, Innovation Program
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Director, Member Services-Asia & the Americas