OGC Staff

The OGC is a virtual organisation. To ensure the best support for our global membership, our staff live and work in many different locations throughout the world. The contact details for key program staff can be found below. If you need to post us something in the traditional way our postal address is: 35 Main Street, Suite 5, Wayland, MA, 01778-5037 USA For all general Inquiries: +1 508 655 5858
Homebase: Bonn, Germany
Title & Program: Services Director Europe, Central Asia & Africa
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Homebase: Belgium
Bart De Lathouwer's picture
Homebase: Texas, USA
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Homebase: Texas, USA
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Homebase: Winchester, United Kingdom
Title & Program: Executive Director, Communications & Outreach
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Homebase: Maryland, USA
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Homebase: Indiana, USA
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Homebase: Germany
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Homebase: Massachusetts, USA
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Homebase: Maryland, USA
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Homebase: Maryland, USA
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Homebase: Maryland, USA
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Homebase: Maryland, USA
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Title & Program: Executive Director OGC Standards Program
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Homebase: London, United Kingdom
Title & Program: Communications Coordinator
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Homebase: Maryland, USA
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Homebase: Toronto, Ontario Canada
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