Director of Knowledge Management

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is seeking a highly-qualified individual for the position of Director of Knowledge Management. The OGC is a non-profit, international, voluntary consensus standards organization that is leading the development of standards and associated best practices for geospatial and location based services. The OGC Knowledge Manager serves as the OGC staff lead to facilitate the publication of OGC standards and related documentation.  

Responsibilities include the following.

  1. Serve as OGC staff lead to facilitate the publication of OGC standards and related documentation including management of document templates and formatting to ensure high quality consistency, accuracy, and utility.
  2. Serve as liaison between Innovation and Standards Programs.  Support the OGC Innovation Program during the definition of new initiatives to further progress the development of standards and interoperability arrangements. Is responsible for transferring results produced by the OGC Innovation Program into the OGC Standards Program.
  3. Responsible for assuring consistent lifecycle management and the integrity and utility of OGC’s consensus standards and related documentation.
  4. Responsible as lead for OGC baseline standards document health. Manage workflow of candidate Standard documents as they are: issued by the Standards Working Groups (SWGs), reviewed by the OGC Architecture Board (OAB) and OGC Naming Authority (OGC-NA), and placed for vote by the Technical Committee.
  5. Assist the OGC Executive Director, Standards Program with the Standards and other OGC documents approval process.
  6. Work with the E-learning initiative, WGs, and standards document editors to ensure that implementer-friendly standards publications include useful and accurate examples, including sample data and code and are part of the E-learning content.
  7. Work with OGC staff to develop and implement improvements and automation in the document publication process.
  8. Work with Compliance Program to ensure that Test Suites are properly aligned with standards baseline (e.g. documentation of conformance classes in the OGC standards matches documentation in the Test Suites).
  9. Coordinate with the OGC Executive Director, Standards Program and OGC Chief Engineer on technical issues of the standards baseline.

Candidates for this position should have solid interpersonal and teaming skills, be comfortable working in a distributed environment, be familiar with the OGC standards baseline, must have excellent technical writing skills, and must have experience with coding/data schema design. Exemplary technical project experience in software development, engineering, and documentation is required.  The candidate must have a good understanding of current and evolving Information Technology practices that impact OGC standards implementation, such as REST, JSON, RDF concepts, and others. A BS degree is required with an MS or PhD optional.

Candidates must have a proven record of creativity and problem solving in technical group environments. Candidates must be capable of independent leadership, budgeting, program and technical plan development, scheduling and the discipline needed to lead a process characterized by a diverse, geographically dispersed set of human, cultural and infrastructure resources

The Director will work routinely with OGC members, staff, OGC consultants, alliance partners and the broader user community to achieve the overall objectives of the Standards Program, the Innovation Program, and the broader OGC mission.

The position will require frequent international travel, including travel to OGC meetings and other events held in various locations around the globe.

In addition, as a senior member of the OGC staff, the Director will be asked to:

  • Support OGC business development to include interacting with public and private sector organizations to advance membership recruitment project and initiative support;
  • Represent the OGC at various public venues worldwide including conferences, workshops and related events; and
  • Assume additional responsibilities as required from time to time to support OGC mission, goals and activities.

OGC offers competitive salary and benefits. This position reports to the Executive Director, OGC Standards Program.

To be considered for this position, send your expression of interest, resume, references and salary requirements, prior to 31 March 2017 to: jobs [at]