Membership Levels

The OGC is an open membership organization. The OGC offers a range of membership options for industry, government, academic, research and not-for-profit organizations interested in supporting the Consortium’s global mission:

Associate membership (six types)

Technical membership

Principal membership

Strategic membership

The table below lists the features of each membership level.

Membership Level Associate Membership
Individual GovFuture Corp/Nat Gov/ Univ/Rsch/NFP Technical Principal Strategic
OGC Member Portal Access
Staff Facilitated Networking, Business Intelligence and Partnering
Listed / Company Link of Website
Quarterly Webinars
Member listing on OGC Website
Working group Voting rights
Free Registrations to TC/PC quarterly meetings 1 2 4 20
Discount on Compliance Certificates 50% 50%
(4 max)
(2 max)
(1 max)
Technical Committee Voting Rights
Annual Meeting with Senior Staff

Company Logo on OGC Website
Planning Committee Voting Rights
Co-host OGC Webinar
Dedicated Staff Hours 24 40
Assigned Memberships
Strategic Member Advisory Committee Voting Participation


Read more below about the benefits of membership for each of the OGC membership levels. In the column to the left you will find information about the OGC's organizational structure and policies. 

The OGC membership fee calculator is at the bottom of this page. After determining your membership fee, apply for OGC membership at Membership fees are discounted for many countries.

Associate membership provides: forums for peer-to-peer networking; webinars with technology providers and advanced technology users; access to members-only OGC documents; and attendance at OGC meetings, which affords networking with a global community of users and providers. 

 GovFutureTM Associate memberships are available for government agencies operating at the local, state or provincial levels. In addition to all of the Associate member benefits listed above, these memberships emphasize the implementation and use of OGC standards to achieve government mission objectives. Learn more about OGC GovFuture membership. Download Die OGC Mitgliedschaft für die öffentliche Verwaltung a German language document describing GovFuture.




  • Maintain and approve policies and procedures for OGC’s Interoperability Program
  • Receive 20 free meeting registrations to quarterly Technical and Planning Committee meetings, and substantial discounts on OGC compliance certification for their products
  • Receive up to 40 hours of OGC staff support each year for internal training and advice
  • May assign up to 4 individual and 2 Associate one-year memberships to universities, research organizations, commercial provider organizations or independent contractors that work under contract to the member in support of OGC-related activities. These associate and individual members must become paying members after one year to continue their OGC involvement. The Strategic member may assign memberships to different organizations at the beginning of each membership cycle.


Membership fee:

What will it cost to join OGC as a member?

To determine the annual fee for your organizational or individual membership, please select your organizational type and nation of registration of your parent company below.

If your nation is not listed, please contact the OGC at memberinquiry [at] opengeospatial [dot] org.