Please note that effective 1st February 2018 all membership and compliance fees will increase by 10% as approved by the OGC Board of Directors.

Any existing member who would like to pay their 2018 renewal in advance at the 2017 membership price will be able to do so, provided the payment is received prior to the 31st January 2017.

For any queries please contact OGC staff directly:

Email: membership [at]
Phone: +1 508 655 5858

Individual Membership

OGC offers an Individual Membership in addition to a range of organizational membership options. This membership class is intended for independent consultants and other individuals not covered by an existing OGC organizational membership.


  • Access to Technical Committee documents through the OGC Member Portal
  • Non-voting participation in the Technical Committee (TC)
  • Voting participation in working groups of the TC (based upon rules of the group).
  • Can be a Participant in OGC Interoperability Initiatives on an in-kind resource basis, without monetary compensation.

Rules for Individual OGC Membership:

  • Applicant must certify that they are a self-employed consultant or individual who has not assigned their intellectual property rights (IPR) to another person or legal entity (employer, university, research institution, etc).
  • Applicant must certify that they are not a full-time contractor to a single employer (except when that employer organization is a member of the OGC).
  • Membership privileges apply only to the member identified in the Individual Membership agreement.
  • Individual memberships cannot be transferred.
  • An Individual Member of the OGC cannot receive "cost sharing" funds as a Participant in OGC Interoperability Initiatives
  • Individual members do not receive OGC promotional benefits