Linking Geospatial Data - INSPIRE Workshop & webinar

Tuesday, 17 June, 2014 - 12:00
Tuesday, 17 June, 2014 - 14:00

Linking Geospatial Data - LGD14 Synopsis and where standards come into the game

Phil Archer, Alex Coley, Bart de Lathouwer, John Goodwin, Ed Parsons and Athina Trakas

(Submission #233)


The intention of the workshop at the INSPIRE Conference is to deepen the connection and joint activities between the Linked Data and the Geospatial Data communities and the related standardisation work and standards bodies.

Integration of geo and location information into institutional and commercial processes helps to address societal, environmental, economic and scientific challenges. Thus the benefit of following this path is potentially huge. A helpful approach is to publish data on the Web with the appropriate geographic information at the source, thus allowing discovery and access using the standard mechanisms of the Web. But how can geographic information best be integrated with other data on the Web? How can we discover that different facts in different data sets relate to the same place, especially when 'place' can be expressed in different ways and at different levels of granularity?

Linked data is an approach to publishing structured data that in many ways contrasts with traditional geospatial web services, built upon fundamental web standards it offers the potential of broader use by both human and automated services.

The Smart Open Data Project is one example of many efforts being made to integrate Linked Data with geospatial data. The GeoSPARQL standard is well established but alternatives have been proposed. Europe's INSPIRE guidelines have recently been amended to encourage the use of HTTP URIs as identifiers as well as GUIDs - which is the usual choice of identifier type in GI systems - but is the use of URIs enough?

Based on the 2 day LGD14 event held in March 2014* the workshop at the INSPIRE Conference summarises findings and will share them with the INSPIRE Community. We will have up to 10 selected lightning talks and end the workshop with a roadmap on planned (standardisation) activities and next steps. At the time of writing, these are being discussed within the OGC and W3C communities with the hope of establishing a joint Working Group. Although nothing is definite, the discussions include possible work on GeoJSON (perhaps as a profile of JSON-LD), agreement on a common spatial vocabulary (perhaps best practice for using the existing ones cf. developing a new one), a geospatial data on the Web cookbook and more.




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The future of INSPIRE: Governance, policy and technology


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