OGC 3D Summit 2014

Thursday, 12 June, 2014 - 12:30
Thursday, 12 June, 2014 - 22:30

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) 3D Information Management Domain Working Group (3DIM) is hosting its third 3D Summit as part of the OGC’s June 2014 Technical Committee meeting in Geneva, Switzerland on 12 June 2014.  The primary topic for this year’s 3D Summit is State of the Art in 3D, with particular focus on the following aspects: 

1. Technologies: Topics and technologies which have not been exposed to the OGC community.

2. Applications: Things you cannot do in 2D.

3. Management: Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the built environment.

This 3D Summit will also include the award of the second 3DIM Award for exceptional use of 3D standards.

Associated with the 3D Summit will be the 3D Geneva Geospatial Showcase, an interactive walk-through of Geneva demonstrating innovative use of various 3D data sets and applications in an urban space.



•Claus Nagel, 3D Geodata Management, Presentation and Distribution (15 mins)
•Darko Radiceski, Integration of Sensor Networks in web and 3d mapping (5 mins)
•Benjamin Hagedorn, Using massive 3D data anytime, anywhere, and on any device (5 mins)
•Tatjana Kutzner, Collaborative Working with Semantic 3D City Models over the Web – Use Case Energy Planning (15 mins)
•Q & A (15 mins)


•David Graham, Current state and use of the USSOCOM developed Common DataBase (15 mins)
•Gil Hania, Use of CDB based 3D Location Data for immersive high performance simulation in the Israeli Air Force (10 mins)
•Giuseppe Conti, eLocust3 3D (5 mins)
•Robert Balanche, 3D Ethics Charter: for the Promotion and Use of an Ethical 3D (15 mins)
•Q & A   (15 mins)

1100 - 1115    BREAK

1115   Panel 3D

1200   LUNCH (on your own)


•Mike Lokuta, Distribution of immersive high performance 3D data based upon a refined source data repository (15 mins)
•Darko Radiceski, Storytelling With 3D and 3D GIS (5 mins)
•Thorsten Reitz, 3D Cities (10 mins)
•Q & A   (15 mins)


•Simon Thum, The standards-based 3D portrayal pipeline in CityServer3D (15 mins)
•Nicolas Loubier, Bentley Map Enterprise and CityGML (15 mins)
•Peter Schickel, 3D BIM collaboration software based on ISO standards (15 mins)
•Q & A   (15 mins)

1445 - 1515  BREAK

•Thomas Liebich, Building Information Modeling: The digital revolution for a sleeping giant (5 mins)
•Jantien Stoter, 3D application in the Netherlands: the next steps (15 mins)
•Joachim Benner, Building Information Modeling (BIM): One example for connecting the AEC and GI worlds (20 mins)

1600   Panel BIM

1650   Conclusions

See the OGC Technical Committee Meeting page for information about OGC Technical Committee Meeting registration, meeting schedule, accomodations, local information and travel.