2013 OGC Asia Forum Summit

Tuesday, 2013-12-03
Tuesday, 2013-12-03

As part of the OGC Technical Committee meeting, a special 2013 OGC Asia Forum Summit will be held at IIT Bombay, India on December 3rd, 2013.

Two major focuses of this special Summit will be “Values of standards for research, education, and implementation” and “Uses of OGC standards in practical community settings”. Many distinguished speakers from the Asia region will share their experiences and practices in geoinformatics interoperability. Special guest speakers from the OGC India Forum and the OGC ANZ Forum have been invited. Register for the Forum here.

The Technical Committee meeting will be immediately preceded by the annual Spatial Data Infrastructure conference, NSDI 2013, organized by the India government on Nov 29th and 30th. One-day tutorials on OGC standards will be held on Dec 1st. We invite you to join us in this unique series of events.