GeoWeb 2010 - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Monday, 2010-07-26
Monday, 2010-07-26

GeoWeb 2010 will take place in Vancouver, Canada July 26-30 and its organizers are currently seeking submissions for presentations and workshops.

GeoWeb is the industry-leading conference focused on the collective impact of the Web on geographic information standards, architectures and technology and the convergence of GIS and the Internet and the resulting economic, social and technical consequences. GeoWeb 2010 will feature well known keynote and invited speakers, workshops and tutorials, technical presentations, panel sessions, and product showcase opportunities. No other geospatial conference provides this level of knowledge intensity and is a must-attend conference for anyone involved in shaping the future of the geospatial industry.

Distributed sensor networks are attracting more and more interest in applications for large-scale monitoring of the environment, civil structures, roadways, animal habitats, etc. With the rapidly increasing number of large-scale sensor network deployments, the vision of a World-Wide Sensor Web (WSW) is becoming a reality. Similar to the World-Wide Web (WWW), which acts essentially as a "World-Wide Computer", the Sensor Web can be considered as a "World-Wide Sensor" or a "cyberinfrastructure" that instruments and monitors the physical world at temporal and spatial scales that are currently impossible. The WSW will generate tremendous volumes of priceless data, enabling scientists to observe previously unobservable phenomena.

Sensor web examples include US's National Ecological Observatory Networks (NEON), Canada's Geospatial Cyberinfrastructure for Environmental Sensing (GeoCENS), Korea's Ubiquitous City (uCity), etc. In addition, we are also seeing the emergence of citizen sensing systems that use the ubiquitous and location-enabled nature of mobile phones to build large-scale urban sensing systems that using the phones as mobile sensor nodes. Such citizen sensing systems include the Mobile Millennium project, the CycleSense project, etc.

The GeoWeb 2010 Sensor Web academic track seeks to address research issues related to sensor web. We aim to bring together sensor web experts to present novel research and exchange ideas relating to the state of the art and its future directions. Real world results and deployments are particularly welcomed.