AIXM/WXXM Conference

Tuesday, 2009-05-12
Thursday, 2009-05-14


The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will host the fourth annual Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) Users Conference.  This year the conference will be the first Joint AIXM / Weather Information Exchange Model (WXXM) Conference - Integrating Information for the Future.  The conference will be held on May 12 -14, 2009 in Washington Metro Area The conference audience is intended to be AIXM and WXXM developers, and aeronautical information and aviation meteorological (MET) experts.


The general topic of the conference is AIXM and WXXM - Graphical Visualization and Common Situational Awareness. 

Sub Topics to be covered throughout the conference:

  1. Operational Perspectives
  2. Interoperability and Standards
  3. Applications (including digital Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) and weather applications)


Exhibits/demonstrations are especially welcome.  The exhibit space is free; exhibitors are responsible for the cost of any special requirements. The conference venue staff will help you meet your exhibition requirements. 


The conference will be held in the greater Washington D.C. metropolitan area at the HYATT Crystal City, 2799 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, Virginia 22202-US. There is a room block set aside for attendees, at government per diem rate, on a first come first served basis.  The final day to register for this room block is April 27th, 2009.  If you don't register by then you will be subject to prevailing hotel rates in the area. 

Contact Information:

Registration information is available at  If you register at the site you will receive a confirmation email from eric.large [at]

Please contact Eric Large at eric.large [at], (202) 314-1478; Edna Weitzman at edna.weitzman [at], (202) 314-1308; or Norm Wood at norm.wood [at], (202) 314-1135 for more information.  All of these numbers are in Washington, D. C.