March '09 - Technical Committee Meeting Agenda

Monday, March 30  
  Rodos B  Rodos C  Grand Ballroom A  Grand Ballroom B  Rodos A  Presidential Suite 
0800-0900 Registration  
0900-1000 GML SWG   Not Available   Not Available        
1000-1100 New Member Orientation  EOxebRIM1.0 SWG   
1100-1200 CIMxebRIM1.0swg   
1200-1300 Lunch (On Your Own)  
  Plenary (Grand Ballroom B)  
1300-1400 TC Opening Plenary
  • Welcome – Philippe Delclaux (EADS/Astrium)
  • Presentation: "OGC Standards in Large Hellenic Projects", George Vozikis, Geomet Ltd.
  • Presentation - Overview of the candidate Spec Policy document. John Herring
  • TCC Motions - Carl Reed

    1400-1500 GML SWG       SWE DWG   CITE SC  Workflow DWG 
    1600-1700   DocTeam SC 
    Tuesday, March 31  
      Mykonos/Delos  Rodos B/C  Presidential Suite  Rodos A 
    0730-0800 Registration  
    0800-0900 ESS DWG    ebXML RegRep SWG    
    0900-1000  DI DWG JAG ad hoc  
    1000-1100   O & M SWG  
    1100-1200 DocTeam SC 
    1200-1300 Lunch (On Your Own)  
    1300-1400 Meteorology DWG ad hoc   SOS 2.0 SWG   Security DWG  CITE SC  
    1500-1600 Hydrology DWG ad-hoc   
    1600-1700 WCS SWG 
    1700-1800 OAB Closed Session 
    Wednesday, April 1  
      Aegina  Hydra  Spetses  Milos/Poros  Presidential Suite 
    0730-0800 Registration  
    0800-0900   3DIM DWG    SWE DWG    
    0900-1000 Decision Support DWG 
    1000-1100 Architecture DWG   SWE Common Data Model 2.0 SWG  
    1100-1200 Meteorology Domain WG planning session  
    1200-1300 Lunch (On Your Own)  
    1300-1400 Joint Catalog DWG & ebXML RegRep SWG  OGC-NA SC  Security DWG  SPS2.0 SWG   WMS SWG 
    1500-1600 Services Sub-Committee   IGS-IGM SWG      
    1600-1700 Data Quality DWG    
    1700-1800 OAB (open session)   Not Available  
    1800-2030   Reception - Marriott - TBD  
    Thursday, April 2  
      Aegina / Hydra   Spetses  Milos/Poros 
    0730-0800 Registration  
    0800-0900 Europe Forum  OWS-7 Sponsor Briefing    
    0900-1000 GeoRM DWG  
    1000-1100 Mass Market DWG   GeoRM SWG 
    1200-1300 Lunch (On Your Own)  
      Plenary (Aegean Ballroom)  
    1300-1700 TC Closing Plenary
  • Votes and Motions
  • Working Group Reports

    1700-1800 Planning Committee Plenary (PC Members Only) for more details, see the PC Event page  
    Friday, April 3  
      Plenary (Milos/Poros)   Spetses  Presidential Suite  
    0830-0900 Registration  
    Planning Committee Plenary (PC Members Only)


    Interoperability Day   OWS-6 Demo  
    NOTE 1: WG and DWG are Domain Working Groups, SWG are Standards Working Group and are only open to members of that group. To attend a SWG (highlighted in Yellow ), you must be an OGC Member in good standing, complete the observer agreement, and agree to the groups IPR rules.
    NOTE 2: The OAB meets in a Closed Session and an Open Session. Only Official OAB Members may attend the Closed session. All members are encourged to attend the open session.
    ** - This Workroom may be open for work, unless it has been reserved by OGC Staff.