GEOSS Workshop: The User and the GEOSS Architecture XVI “Regional Decisions for Climate Change”

Friday, 21 September, 2007 - 04:00
Saturday, 22 September, 2007 - 04:00
UCAR/NCAR Center Green 3080 Center Green Drive Boulder, CO 80301


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Workshop Description and Goals: This workshop will address how the Global Earth Observing System of Systems, GEOSS, will support citizens and public officials in making decisions based upon predictions of regional climate change. Recognizing that the science to predict regional changes in climate is still advancing, the workshop will address interoperability arrangements for decision support tools and predictive models used around the globe to support policy and management decisions. This workshop is one in a series organized by IEEE, ISPRS and OGC.

The Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) is a complex systems of sensors, communication devices, storage systems, computational and other devices used in concert to observe the Earth and eventually come to a better understanding of the Earth’s processes. In addition, GEOSS will include models and processes to create information from the observations. The Washington Summit of July 2003 established the objective “to monitor continuously the state of the Earth, to increase understanding of dynamic Earth processes, to enhance prediction of the Earth system, and to further implement our international environmental treaty obligations”, and thus the need for “timely, quality, long-term, global information as a basis for sound decision making”. The Group on Earth Observations has been created to carry out the development of GEOSS. For more information on GEO and GEOSS see:

The User and the GEOSS Architecture workshop is a dialogue for users looking at GEOSS and its benefits to their application area. A societal benefit area will be represented at the workshop and an informal environment will be provided for exchange of ideas and to make recommendations. To help with this exchange, the workshop will provide an overview of the architecture and a demonstration of some of its capabilities. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions to further their understanding of the information system and the GEOSS approach. Recommendations of the workshop will be available to GEO committees as we move forward with GEOSS implementation. In summary, the workshop is a forum for users to interact with technologists to address the benefits and challenges of an advanced global system of systems providing earth observing data and information for the benefits of society.

Intended Audience: The workshop will interest those individuals and organizations that will benefit from the increased access to Earth observations for application to societal benefit areas provided by GEOSS. Also, the workshop will interest individuals and organizations that seek to understand how their systems can contribute to the Global Earth Observation System of Systems. The workshop is being hosted by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and is scheduled as part of OGC’s Technical Committee meetings.

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