Oceans/Meteorology/Hydrology Water Cycle Summit

Wednesday, 2011-09-21
Wednesday, 2011-09-21

OGC and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)


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Members and non-members of the OGC are invited to attend the "Oceans/Met/Hydro Water Cycle Summit" to learn what has been accomplished so far by the two working groups and to discuss what remains to be done.

The ability to easily exchange hydrological, oceanographic, meteorological and climatological information in a timely and useful fashion is becoming increasingly important for operational purposes as well as research. New information technologies present new opportunities for collecting, publishing, discovering, accessing and using data, but open, international interface and encoding standards and best practices are necessary to make the most of these opportunities.

These two OGC working groups provide venues and a mechanism for seeking technical and institutional solutions to the challenge of describing and exchanging data about the state and location of water resources and atmospheric and oceaonographic phenomena. The groups work to ensure that OGC standards allow the hydrological, meteorological, and ocean observation communities to achieve effective interoperability across the world's information technology infrastructure.

The summit will focus on information system interoperability as it relates to understanding the water cycle, though other domain requirements also shape the development of the relevant interface and encoding standards.

While the WMO's Commission for Hydrology (CHy) has the recognized mandate to publish and promote international hydrology standards, the OGC contributes to the process with its resources and experience in guiding collaborative development among disparate participants in a rapidly evolving technological environment. The OGC Hydrology Domain Working Group is open to both member and non member participation and is intended to be a public forum for communication. A similar relationship exists between the WMO's Commission for Basic Services (CBS) and the OGC Meteorology and Oceanography Domain Working Group. The email list and the wiki for each Working Group are open to all interested parties.


GIS for the UN and International Community Conference

Tuesday, 2012-04-03
Thursday, 2012-04-05

The GIS for the United Nations and the International Community Conference is organised by UNITAR’s Operational Satellite Application Programme (UNOSAT) and Esri to bring awareness of the positive potential for GIS professionals to work together on global issues ranging from disasters to climate change and humanitarian assistance. From an office in Geneva to a refugee camp in Africa, GIS enables better collaboration, visualization, and rapid dissemination of critical information when and where it's needed most. Empowering action in territorial planning, as well as in response operations, requires a true geographical understanding of the complex challenges being faced.
Join us to

  • Understand how to make critical information more accessible and actionable
  • Develop and direct strategies on how to best apply
    geographic information science to devise better responses to regional
    and global challenges
  • Discover how to better organize and manage information,
    resources, and people through improved visibility, communication, and
  • Participate in building a community to expand capacity and understanding at all levels



Interoperability Day New Delhi - Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Development

Monday, 2006-09-25
Monday, 2006-09-25
India Habitat Centre (Jacaranda II) Lodi Road, New Delhi India

Organized by

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Supported by

Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)

Sponsored by

Natural Resources Data Management System (NRDMS) Division Department of Science & Technology Government of India
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Location Intelligence Conference 2007

Monday, 2007-04-16
Wednesday, 2007-04-18

Join us at Location Intelligence Conference 2007
April 16-18, 2007, Parc 55 Hotel, San Francisco


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Choose from Over 100 Presentations in Three Tracks

** Enterprise Location Intelligence
** Dynamic Geospatial Content
** Mobility & Location-based Services

Get Ahead On Emerging Location Technology by Attending Two Half-day Workshops

** Google's Geo Products (presented by Google)
** Hands-on with MapQuest Advantage API (presented by MapQuest)
** Introduction to Neogeography (presented by High Earth Orbit)
** Sharing Maps Through Interoperable Open Source Applications (presented by OSGeo, Autodesk and the Open Planning Project)
** Enterprise GIS Trends and Methods (presented by ESRI)
** Standards for Convergence (presented by the OGC)
** Spatially Enabling the Enterprise (presented by CH2M HILL)
** Integration between ArcGIS and Business Objects BI Platform (presented by Business Objects)
** Workshop by Oracle (Topic TBD)
** Workshop by Microsoft (Topic TBD)

** Special Birds of a Feather session for MapGuide Technology...Open to all Attendees!

Attendees can attend two workshops with their full registration. Register now to get first choice of workshops (seating is limited)

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