OGC Location Standards for Next Generation LBS

Wednesday, 2013-02-27
Wednesday, 2013-02-27

This event will include

    Are you looking for ways to provide the highest value LBS to users?   

    • Provide the freshest and most contextually relevant data
    • Make information access rapid, incremental   
    • Communicate position quickly, inexpensively including when roaming     
    • Offer fewer LBS apps that provide greater data depth and reliability
    • Support for indoor as well as outdoor positions


    Are your LBS platform tools efficient in terms of data access and management?

    • Lower costs of creating and maintaining location-based data sets     
    • Keep maps and all geodata current     
    • Mix data sets while keeping intuitive and consistent symbols      
    • Accommodate diverse mobile platforms with consistent behaviors     
    • Use best available position accuracy given device sensors     
    • Use open APIs to reduce overhead between LBS tools


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      Wednesday February 27, 2013 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM


      Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya (ICC)
      Parc Montjuic
      Barcelona, Spain



      Event Agenda:

      The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) invites all mobile developers, location data providers, network operators and LBS service users to an exciting event and reception.


      Presentation Agenda


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      Denise McKenzie, OGC


      The power of location on mobile devices

      George Percivall, OGC


      OGC standards power next-gen emergency response apps

      Movie: Luciad Emergency Response Demo

      Frank Suykens, Luciad


      Fraunhofer experience with a mobile app to record health data in the field

      Hylke van der Schaaf, Kym Watson, Fraunhofer IOSB


      Shared Situational Awareness - from Desktop to Mobile

      Roger Brackin, Envitia


      OGC Open GeoSMS

      Kuo-Yu “Slayer” Chuang, ITRI


      Wikitude's leadership in open standards: OGC ARML2

      Martin Lechner, Wikitude


      3D portrayal of geospatial

      Volker Coors
      Fraunhofer IGD


      Introduction to OGC Standards Showcase

      George Percivall

      1600 Reception including OGC Standards Showcase and Demonstrations



      Standards Showcase during Reception

      OGC Standards Activity

      Standards Experts

      OGC Web Services

      Mike Reynolds,
      Augmented Technologies

      Kym Watson and Hylke van der Schaaf; Fraunhofer IOSB


      Kuo-Yu “Slayer” Chuang;
      Industrial Technology Research Institute

      Sensor Web for IoT

      Joaquín del Rio Fernández
      Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya


      Sisi Zlatanova
      Delft University of Technology


      Martin Lechner

      3D Portrayal

      Volker Coors
      Fraunhofer IGD
      Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart

      Places of Interest (PoI)

      Alessandra Donnini


      Frank Suykens

      Roger Brackin


      OGC standards for Mobile


      35th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment (ISRSE35)

      Sunday, 2013-04-21
      Friday, 2013-04-26

      The theme of the 2013 symposium will be Earth Observation and Global Environmental Change - 50 Years of Remote Sensing: Progress and Prospects. With the increased accessibility of interactive maps and virtual globes, along with the proliferation of spatially-aware devices and sensors, Earth observation is experiencing a kind of rebirth with unprecedented potential for innovation and discovery. It is an exciting time to be involved in the field, and the 35th ISRSE is being held for the first time in China, a nation with huge investments in both Earth observation technology and environmental science.

      The OGC will lead a workshop at ISRSE35 on 21 April: " Interoperability, GEOSS Implementation Pilots and Remote Sensing of the Environment; Real World Case Studies". We look forward to seeing you there!


      Eighth AR Standards Community Meeting - Barcelona Spain

      Friday, 2013-03-01
      Saturday, 2013-03-02

      The next face-to-face meeting of those who seek to advance open and interoperable AR content and experiences will be conducted in Barcelona, Spain at the Barcelona Activa Center on March 1-2, 2013, immediately following the Mobile World Congress 2013.

      Our meeting host is Catchoom  and the Khronos Group  is also supporting these important, open community meetings.


      MundoGEO#Connect LatinAmerica 2013

      Tuesday, 2013-06-18
      Thursday, 2013-06-20

      MundoGEO#Connect LatinAmerica 2013, Conference and Trade Fair for Geomatics and Geospatial Solutions ( is the largest conference and trade fair of geomatics and geospatial solutions in Latin America. It will be held this year in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from June 18 thru 20. The program includes more than 15 activities, among forums, special events, courses and user meetings. The previous event edition had 3,350 participants from 27 countries and over 70 global brands in the fair. The 2013 event program was created from suggestions of the geospatial community, through the evaluation of the previous editions and also a request for ideas, in which professionals in the industry sent their opinions on how to solve the key challenges of geospatial technologies in Latin America.

      Among the many choices of activities, the event organization offers customized packages for participants and discounts for teachers, researchers, students, groups and subscribers of the MundoGEO magazine. "In 2013, we set a different way for the professional to register, from which you can choose only one activity or a combination among them, with special discounts. Additionally, the option to register in the forums allows the freedom to choose up to seven different topics with only one investment. All that plus the time in between intervals or the open day to visit the trade fair of products and services, which is going to hit a record of exhibition booths", explains Emerson Zanon Granemann, director and publisher of MundoGEO.

      Check out the list of activities and the full program at


      You can’t manage what you can’t measure - Best practices in collecting and managing energy data

      Thursday, 2012-12-06
      Thursday, 2012-12-06

      This webinar is provided by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities

      Simple and consistent access to energy data is critical for local governments that are leading efforts to lower energy use and cut GHG emissions within their communities. Data driven performance analysis is key to set sound energy management goals, identify cost-effective energy efficiency measures, target investments, and generally improve overall operations.

      In this webinary, Eddie Oldfield, Director, NB Climate Change Hub and Chair, QUEST Caucus New Brunswick will talk about Web-based energy mapping applications and the importance of using software that implements OGC Web Service standards.


      QUEST International Conference and Tradeshow 2012

      Sunday, 2012-11-18
      Thursday, 2012-11-22

      The infrastructure deficit currently facing municipalities worldwide is actually a once-in-a-generation opportunity to improve the efficiency of energy, transportation, land-use, water and waste systems in communities, and thereby cut costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and take a giant step in the direction of sustainability. Integrated Community Energy Solutions (ICES) is a model that is being implemented worldwide to achieve these results.

      Cold climate communities present a unique challenge with respect to energy use. I invite you to participate in QUEST’s 6th annual conference - the only conference and tradeshow in Canada that is taking an integrated approach to addressing our current infrastructure and investment challenges. This year’s event will showcase the latest research, proven solutions, and the most innovative opportunities relating to ICES, and all within the context of creating smart energy communities in cold climates. 


      Workshop on OGC Sensor Web Enablement Technologies for SmartCities

      Monday, 2012-11-12
      Tuesday, 2012-11-13

      Sensors are becoming a fundamental technology for "Smart City" management. Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards will be an important foundation driving the development of future urban applications based on sesnsor technology by making sensors and sensor data discoverable, accessible, useable and shareable. Standards make it possible to protect investments, reduce likelihood of dead-end technologies and ensure scalability. All these aspects have to be taken into account in SmartCity design and implementation.

      The purpose of this hands-on workshop is to review the SWE standards, presenting results and experience on real implementataions, and to practice with the most advanced software to acquire new skills in this field.

      This workshop is in the framework of the SmartCity Expo - World Congress 2012, Barcelona, November 12-13, 2012.


      Future ISR 2012

      Tuesday, 2012-10-02
      Tuesday, 2012-10-02

      Future ISR 2012 is a joint C4ISR conference, exhibition and roundtable discussion event for ISR leaders from government and industry. The C4ISR Conference features 15 plenary presentations, 7 panel discussions and 17 roundtable working group discussion.

      OGC will represent its Defense and Intelligence Domain Working Group (D&I DWG) at the 2012 Future ISR event.  The OGC D&I DWG is comprised of representatives from a range of organizations engaged in geospatial activities for military and intelligence purposes. This community consists of government, industry, academia and non-government agencies. The intelligence component for this Domain Working Group (DWG) relates to defense intelligence, including geospatial intelligence in a defense context. The following areas of intelligence are supported by other OGC Domain Working groups: law enforcement, public security, disaster management, and emergency management. 

      OGC's presentation at the event will zoom in on the necessity of interoperability and standards in the ever-shifting operational needs that require agility in coalition and multi-national operations.


      GITA Oil & Gas Pipeline Conference 2012

      Monday, 2012-10-22
      Wednesday, 2012-10-24

      This October, oil and gas industry professionals from across North America and around the world will convene for the 21st annual GIS for Oil & Gas Pipeline Conference.  This one of a kind event will culminate over two decades of information exchange in a unique, increasingly important energy industry niche.

      GITA wants you to have the broadest possible exposure to geospatial oil and gas industry experience and expertise.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn about a variety of technologies and solutions. Come be part of a diverse networking forum for operators and vendors and broaden your outlook! Data accuracy and regulatory compliance are just a couple of the ‘hot button’ issues that have your attention.  This year’s educational program is chock full of information and the successful real-world solutions to today’s leading challenges that will help you and your organization succeed.