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Mark, Your email on the


Your email on the tragic passing of Doug Nebert has made many of us in Canada reflect on Doug’s accomplishments and his significant impact on our geospatial community.  Since the early 1990’s Doug was a strong advocate and advisor on the use of open geospatial standards and supporting technologies for the benefit of many international geospatial/earth observation data infrastructure programs including Canada’s. 

During the early phases of GeoConnections, often via the OGC interoperability program, Doug facilitated several Canada and US interoperability collaborative projects in the areas of innovative technology development, catalogue and data interoperability.  The standards, infrastructure and technologies resulting from these efforts in large part formed the technical foundation for GeoConnections, and are now being carried forward in our Federal Geospatial Platform initiative.

Doug had the ability to clearly communicate multiple perspectives on complex geospatial issues from a business, policy and technical viewpoint that uniquely qualified him as a true leader in the international SDI community. He was a dynamic, approachable individual who helped further geospatial interoperability at every opportunity. Many of my staff and those of other federal government departments have benefitted from Doug’s’ advice over the years.  In recent years his technical leadership within OGC, GSDI and the Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure continued to further international interoperability efforts. 

I am hoping the Canadian community will have a forum during OGC’s upcoming Calgary Technical Committee meetings to further honour Doug.

On a personal note, I am also aware that you worked side by side with Doug for many years at the FGDC, and I am very sorry for your loss of a close friend.


Prashant Shukle
Director-General, Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation
Posted by Lance McKee on Sun, 2014-06-08 13:46


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