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OGC Health Summit - Review

  • Posted on: 5 September 2016
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Eddie Oldfield, Owner, Spatial Quest Solutions.

The OGC Health Domain Working Group organized an OGC Health Summit, June 21, in Dublin Ireland, to bring attention to health market requirements, technical solutions, advances in geospatial standards, and implementation examples / health applications.  The OGC Health Summit: 

OGC Health Summit

  • Posted on: 27 May 2016
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By Dr. Kym Watson, Dept. Head of ‘Information Management and Production Control’ at Fraunhofer IOSB; and Eddie Oldfield, Owner, Spatial Quest Solutions.


The well-known and commonly used proverb "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise” places health in first place before wealth and wisdom. Indeed, good health is of paramount importance to us all, but achieving it depends on our wisdom and (unfortunately) also often our wealth. 

World Ozone & Ultraviolet Radiation Data Centre provides value added Validation Services using implementing OGC standards

  • Posted on: 19 April 2016
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Tom Kralidis, Data Management, Meteorological Service of Canada


In 2015, the World Ozone and Ultraviolet Radiation Data Centre (WOUDC) underwent renewal in order to modernize workflows, implementation and provide added value to the Ozone/UV communities. WOUDC is one of six World Data Centres which are part of the Global Atmosphere Watch programme of the World Meteorological Organization.

OGC’s future and mine as an OGC member

  • Posted on: 1 April 2016
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Lance McKee, Senior Staff Writer, OGC

It was a great personal pleasure for me to attend the the 98th OGC Technical Committee Meeting earlier this month at the World Bank in Washington, DC. The venue, attendees and scope of important work made me immensely proud of the organization that I have served for more than 21 years.

OGC's potential role in "Scaling up Responsible Land Governance"

Geospatial technologies help the World Bank to effectively serve its client governments, particularly in the sphere of land management and economic development. Land management involves many domains: law, government, real estate, water, forestry, agriculture, banking, community development, and others.

Good Company Ventures’ Climate Ventures 2.0 to stress open data access

OGC and OGC’s Testbed 11 interoperability initiative, which addressed Urban Climate Resilience, were officially recognized in the December 2014 Fact Sheet about the White House Climate Data Initiative. Also mentioned in that document were GoodCompany Ventures (GCV) and the expansion of Climate Ventures 2.0.