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Implementing SensorThings for OpenIoT

  • Posted on: 25 August 2014
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Steve Liang

Editor’s note:

Earlier this month, Steve Liang, chair of the OGC SensorThings Standards Working Group (SWG) received an email from someone planning to implement the candidate SensorThings API on top of the OpenIoT platform. She wanted to get answers to these questions about SensorThings before coding:

Get OGC Certified for KML 2.2

I'm very pleased to announce the KML 2.2 validator now available at the OGC Testing Facility. It validates if implementations are correctly publishing KML data. The validator tests kml and kmz files, located locally or available via a URL. To get certified follow these simple steps.

More details about the test in my previous blog about this topic. Enjoy!