OGC I15 (ISO19115 Metadata) Extension Package of the OGC Catalogue Services 2.0 (CS-W) ebRIM Profile

Contributed by: 
Dr. Uwe Voges

The OGC Catalogue Services (OGC CS) Standard establishes a general framework for implementing geospatial catalogue services that can be applied to meet the needs of stakeholders in a wide variety of domains.

The OGC CS ebRIM application profile (OGC CS AP ebRIM) is based on the OGC CS and the OASIS ebXML Registry Information Model (ebRIM) v3.0. It provides facilities (a metadata framework) for advertising and discovering a wide variety of information resources. The term “RepositoryItem” is used to refer to the information resource (e.g. an XML document) that resides in a Repository for storage and safekeeping. Each RepositoryItem is described by a RegistryObject which catalog the RepositoryItem with metadata. The RegistryObjects reside in the Registry.

The following metaphor applies:

An ebXML Registry is like a local library.

  • The repository is like the bookshelves in the library.
  • The repository items in the repository are like books on the bookshelves. The repository items can contain any type of electronic content just like the books in the bookshelves can contain any type of information.
  • The registry is like the card catalog. It is organized for finding things quickly.
  • A RegistryObject is like a card in the card catalog. All RegistryObjects conform to a standard just like the cards in the card catalog conform to a standard.
  • Every repository item MUST have a RegistryObject that describes it, just like every book must have a card in the card catalog.

To customize the behaviour and content of a catalogue service those elements must be extended. These extensions are defined within so called Extension Packages (EP´s). The EP´s are encoded in XML and can be deployed into an existing ebRIM catalogue to allow the storage and discovery of the defined RegistryObjects and RepositoryItems.

The I15 provides such an Extension Package. It maps the ISO 19115(-2)/19119 (ISO19139 encoded) metadata model (describing geospatial data and services) to ebRIM. It allows storage and discovery (in ways that enable arbitrary, complex and deep searches involving multiple metadata elements) of the ISO 19115(-2)/19119 metadata within an OGC CS ebRIM AP Catalogue Instance.

The I15 was initially produced during the ESA HMA (Heterogeneous Missions Accessibility) initiative (https://wiki.services.eoportal.org/tiki-index.php?page=HMA Wiki). Some input came from the OGC OWS9 initiative. The document supersedes the former document OGC Cataloguing of ISO Metadata (CIM) using the ebRIM profile of CS-W, OGC 07-038r3 (Version: 0.1.12).

Currently there exist minimally two implementations of the I15:

1. ebXML Registry/Repository Buddata: the project description and resources are available here (some pages need to be updated).

2. A Bridge/Gateway CSW AP ebRIM EP I15 <--> CSW AP ISO : the project description and resources are availablehere

Dr. Uwe Voges chairs the OGC I15 Extension Package of ebRIM Profile of CS-W 1.0 Standards Working Group. He is Project Leader / Senior Consultant, Satellite Data Infrastructures, con terra - Gesellschaft für Angewandte Informationstechnologie mbH.