Phase 5 of GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot underway


With a successful Kickoff Workshop on 3-4 May, the development of the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot, Phase 5 (AIP-5), has begun. Representatives from the GEO organizations that responded to the AIP-5 Call for Participation (CFP) attended the workshop, which was hosted by UNEP at the International Environment House, Geneva.
Twenty-four responses to the AIP-5 CFP, representing over 60 organizations, were used to plan the kickoff. Sessions were held both for Societal Benefit Area topics and for Technical Areas. A major outcome of the workshop was the formation of working groups for AIP-5. 

  • SBA Working Groups:  Disasters, Energy, Health, Water and Energy.
  • Technical Working Groups: Data Sharing, Unique IDs, System Design, Capacity Building, Tutorials (with the SIF) and GCI Research.

The Kickoff Workshop participants established milestones for AIP-5 development. Several interim milestones for design and testing were set, leading to the major milestones for results by the GEO-IX Plenary this November and the completion of activities in 2012. The AIP employs an agile development process composed of annual phases focused on priority actions, with results captured in an evolutionary architecture.
The AIP-5 CFP will remain open for the duration of the phase, i.e., through the remainder of 2012, with early participation recommended. If your organization has interest in the objectives initially stated in the CFP and now refined by the Kickoff Workshop, you can respond to the CFP.

Participants gather on a weekly basis via teleconferences to coordinate the AIP.   Join us to see if this process meets your objectives of sharing Earth observations using the approach of Interoperability Arrangements as defined in the GEOSS 10-Year Implementation Plan.