UK Location Strategy Releases OWS Guide for INSPIRE Data Publishers

Contributed by: 
Tim Martin, GIS Consultant, Ordnance Survey Great Britain

Under INSPIRE, to improve environmental policy making in Europe, Member States must make available in a consistent format spatial datasets within the scope of the Directive, and create services for accessing these datasets.

Established following the publication of the UK Location Strategy, UK Location ( works with regional and local government offices to help them do their part to implement the UK Location Strategy and the EC INSPIRE Directive ( 

Creating spatial data access services that implement open standards is not something that most data publishers know much about, so UK Location created the View Service Operational Guide ( This Guide walks data publishers through each of the requirements of the INSPIRE View Service regulation, making it easier for a data publisher to understand what is required.

OGC standards underpin the INSPIRE Directive. The use of OGC Standards such as WMS 1.3.0 and WMTS 1.0.0 for the Web Services, and at a later date WFS 2.0 and GML 3.2.1, will be used for the download services. Without the use of such standards it would be difficult to achieve the core aim of INSPIRE Directive which is to give access to datasets in a consistent format and approach across the European Union.

The Guide will be revised as necessary with extra information to help Data Publishers achieve conformity to the INSPIRE Directive. We invite others to use the Guide. If there is specific information that you would like to see or believe should be included in the guidance then please contact us. (