Meet us at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona!

Contributed by: 
Christine Perey, OGC member and independent consultant

OGC member representatives and staff attend many conferences, trade shows and events where location counts. For example, this month, OGC staff have presented at the India Geospatial Forum, the European Location Framework (ELF) Meeting, and the ESRI US Federal User Conference. If you are attending an event and speaking about the OGC, please ask us to add the event to our Events calendar or consider becoming part of the OGC Speakers’ Bureau.

This week, the OGC's Steven Ramage and I are at the 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We are meeting with organizations in three segments of the mobile industry:

  • Businesses that provide mobile devices and components that device manufacturers need
  • Network service operators
  • Content publishers.

We're focusing on these three segments because they are the segments most likely to benefit in the near term from OGC's open interface and encoding standards.

Our goals are to introduce these companies (and in some cases public sector content providers) to the OGC’s process for open standards development, tell them about our history as an international industry-led standards body, and explore with them how they can use OGC standards in their products and services. Case studies, like the two mentioned in my previous post are an important part of our OGC standards value story.   We will also be asking if there are important gaps in, or bridges to, existing mobile standards that could be addressed in the OGC.

We expect to identify industry associations and companies whose use cases, requirements and contributions might be valuable for the ARML 2.0 Standards Working Group, the IndoorGML Standards Working Group and the continuing work of the OGC Location Services (OpenLS) Standards Working Group.

If you are attending MWC and have a few minutes to meet with us, or if you know of companies in the mobile industry that you recommend we meet with, please send email to Steven Ramage (sramage [at] opengeospatial [dot] org) or Christine Perey (cperey [at] perey [dot] com).