OGC Mobile Case Studies

Contributed by: 
Christine Perey, OGC member and independent consultant

As part of our campaign to inform companies in the mobile industry about the value of the OGC's standards and standards process, we have recently revised our "Mobile Internet and Location Services" page on the OGC website. We hope that you will take a moment to review it and provide us with your feedback. It has been written for you.

We are working with several members engaged in mobile Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) businesses to prepare case studies about their use of OGC standards. Business-to-Business companies in mobile are those who provide content or services to other businesses that, in turn, add value by bundling content and services for particular markets. Business-to-Consumer companies in mobile are those who offer content, services or products directly to end users.

Our first case study features Awila from Augmented Technologies. Awila is the first mobile Augmented Reality (AR) browser to use the OGC's open standards for delivering location data to Android smartphones for exploration and viewing. Awila uses OGC standards to select and display geographic information system (GIS) and 3D scene data based on location and orientation parameters provided by a phone's GPS and rotation sensors. This enables users to "see" network, construction or Point of Interest (POI) data without the need for background mapping or entering location coordinates.

Another case study features Hitachi Labs. Hitachi has been an active member of several OGC working groups and is one of the founding members of the IndoorGML SWG (see my February 12 blog post).

A number of network providers and location service providers have implemented the OGC Open Location Services Interface Standard (OpenLS) Interface Standard to provide applications such as emergency response, personal navigator, traffic information service, proximity service, location recall, mobile field service, travel directions, restaurant finder, corporate asset locator, concierge, routing, vector map portrayal and interaction, friend finder, and geography voice-graphics.

Next week we will report from the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. If you are attending MWC and would like to support the OGC, send email to sramage [at] opengeospatial [dot] org or cperey [at] perey [dot] com.