Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis seeks WorldMap Participants

Contributed by: 
Ben Lewis, WorldMap project manager

The Center for Geographic Analysis at Harvard recently announced Version 1.0 of WorldMap, a milestone in our longstanding effort to build a public technology platform to support research collaboration around geospatial information at Harvard. WorldMap is open source software and provides scholars anywhere in the world with the tools to discover, organize, visualize, create, share, and publish geographically referenced information. WorldMap attempts to fill a growing niche between powerful desktop-bound mapping applications and lightweight web solutions.  The system makes use of a range of great open standards, protocols, and data formats to spur geospatial collaborations including but not limited to: WMS, CSW, SLD, GML, KML, ESRI Shape, ESRI REST, and OAI. 
The Center for Geographic Analysis at Harvard also announced a formal memorandum of understanding with the United Nations Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS), which will involve integrating WorldMap into UNU-IAS's Wildlife Monitoring System (WEMS). According to the MOU, "The two parties will collaborate on capacity building activities, including scholar exchange and technical training to incorporate WorldMap into WEMS and enhance its functionality. The aim is to promote research and education on spatial data provision and web mapping applications in Africa.
We are very interested in collaborating with other organizations on improving the platform in various ways in terms of functionality, scalability, portability and interoperability.  We are also interested in working with organizations that would like to make their spatial datasets more broadly available.  Anyone can start using the Harvard hosted version or download the source code and set up their own server.