GIS.FCU contributes to the OGC Asia Forum and the University DWG

Contributed by: 
Professor Tien-Yin (Jimmy) Chou

Professor Tien-Yin (Jimmy) Chou, Director of GIS Research Center of Feng Chia University (GIS.FCU), helped establish the OGC Asia Forum in 2011. He invites professionals and scholars from government units, academic institutions and companies in Asian countries to join this regional forum to promote policies, co-operative business development initiatives and public/private partnerships that support the use of OGC standards. The Asia Forum helps coordinate the efforts of Asian countries to develop regional OGC best practices. 
Prof. Chou is also the Asian co-chair of the OGC University Domain Working Group, which works to share educational resources among universities and provides concepts related to decision-making support in teaching and learning. GIS.FCU, a major center for geospatial research and education in Taiwan has a staff of 140 people. The focus is on GIS education, developing students’ capabilities for spatial thinking and data analysis. The center has established collaborative e-Learning platforms and GIS value-added services that serve the Central Taiwan Universities.  The e-Learning platforms include the following:

• E-Design Learning Platform 
• GIS Data Warehouse
• Regional Planning and Education Resources Website 

These integrated e-learning platforms provide access to resources that support in-depth research and education sharing at partner universities. Through education and sharing of data and computing resources, GIS.FCU promotes the use of open standards and distributed computing technologies.