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Hi Steven, congrats for

Hi Steven, congrats for lauching the OGC blog!
You might consider adding Weather Objects Modelling Language (WOML) into the list of the GML Application schemas on the referred OGC Network page. It's actively developed by Finnish Meteorological Institute, an OGC member.
WOML is aimed at storing and transferring collections of weather forecast or analysis objects. This kind of semantically analyzed weather information has traditionally been encoded into graphical maps. Describing weather phenomena as GML features makes it easier to separate the information content from it's presentation. It also makes it possible to use WFS(T) servers as service end-points for delivering and ingesting this kind of information.
Documentation, examples schemas and more at WOML site: https://agora.fmi.fi/display/WOML/

Posted by Ilkka Rinne (not verified) on Fri, 2011-09-23 14:26